Morning Plenary Session


Funds & Financing: Bringing Bucks to Your Business

Ask the experts in this panel discussion with our local finance brain-trust.

Panelists: Nicci Doray - The First, Ken Steele - DB&T, Chad Place - Camden National Bank, Brian Whitney - Maine Technology Institute

Moderator: Bill Card, Economic Development Specialist, SBA Maine

Morning Break-Out Sessions


Economic Development through Collaboration:
The Advantages of Partnership

The Twin Villages is a healthy and thriving economic hub, in no small part to the organic and inclusive partnerships between sectors. Come hear how non-profits and for-profits can collaborate for major results.

Panelists: Becca Emmons - Mobius, Alan Hinsey - Tidewater/LCI, Steven Hufnagel – DRA, Christine Anderson - Lincoln Health.

Moderator:  Matt Lutkus, Damariscotta Town Manager


The Art of the Side Hustle: Passions into Profit

“A side hustle is not a part-time job. A side hustle is not the gig economy. It is an asset that works for you.” Definition by Chris Guillebeau's in his book “Side Hustle.” Want to cultivate something that will work for you and could turn into something bigger? Get some advice from our side-hustlers.

Panelists: Kelsey Gibbs - Wanderwood, Brendan Parsons - Shuck Station, Bob Topper - Consultant.

Moderator:  Maia Zewert - Lincoln County News


DIY Your Website: Yes, you can make it better!

Want to know what sets a really good website apart from the rest? No, it’s not $$$ spent making it - it’s thoughtful design! During this 45 minute DIY session, we’ll explore how to design a simple website with the features you need for your business, and explore what it takes to build one yourself through simple and easy to use website building programs.

Host:  Torie DeLisle - Skidompha Library

Lunch and Learn


Crowdfunding and Your Business

It’s not just for non-profits!

Host: Lucas McNelly - Long Winter Soap Co.

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions


“Making It” : What success looks like for Boomers,
Gen-X’ers & Millennials

How the changing definition of success is impacting our local community, culture and economy.

Panelists:  Marcia Benner - DB&T, Ed Seidel - Tenji, Inc., Derek DeGeer - Hootenanny Bread

Moderator:  Mary Kate Reny - Renys: A Maine Adventure


Damage Control: Transforming Problems into Opportunities

Sure we’ve all heard the saying, but how do we transform sentiment into reality?

Panelists:  Amanda Reibel - ServPro, Pennington Way - Sea Smoke Shop, Brady Hatch - Morning Dew Farm

Moderator:  Topher Mallory - Mexicali Blues / Split Rock Distillery


Get Noticed: Why ‘digital’ matters, and what you need to know about it

‘Digital’ is everywhere, but not all social media and marketing is worth your time. Join us for a brass-tacks overview of what you should know about, and what you should do starting today.

Host:  Matthew Carr - Patra Company

Afternoon Plenary Session


Q & A “Jeopardy” Game

So you think you know about the business, cultural,and social scene in the Twin Villages and beyond? Come prove it in this interactive Q&A! Think ‘Gong Show’ meets ‘Jeopardy.’ Never heard of these shows? You’re in for a treat!

Wrap-Up and Thank You.